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Our Service

Whether it is an emergency or non-emergency care, Lifestar EMS, Ambulance Service has built its reputation upon providing the best service to its patients, the high level of training to its team members, and a maintained fleet of transport vehicles. 

Finest Patient Care & Services

We provide transports 24 hours a day, seven days a week using vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art technology, dispatched by an efficient team of communication professionals.

Our deep commitment to ethical decision making and honest dealings is who Lifestar EMS is—both in our work performance and daily lives.
Lifestar EMS ambulance service provides ground transports for hospitals, urgent care centers, convalescent homes, physicians, insurance companies, fire departments and private/public events.
Lifestar EMS strives to provide the best patient care possible with innovative technology while maintaining excellent protocols with other EMS agencies.

Patient Care

Our priority is to our patients. Lifestar EMS holds itself to the highest standards when it comes to your loved ones care and medical transport. We are honored with the responsibility and work to improve our services everyday.

Professional and Reliable

We offer best of class patient movement from, to, and within all types of health systems. We are a highly trained, reliable and dedicated team of first responders who love to serve our community.

Logistic Solutions

We employ dynamic technologies and a customized patient-centric approach, delivering improved patient outcomes and efficiency gains for healthcare facilities in New Hampshire.