About Us

Providing Personal, High Quality, Short & Long Distance Medical Transportation Services In Your Area

Lifestar EMS was founded in 2010 by Brian and April Johns, who identified a need for high-quality medical transportation services in New Hampshire. Starting out with just 7 ambulances and 20 employees, Lifestar EMS, Ambulance Service has grown into one of the most well known EMS providers in our area.

Providing EMS Services Throughout New Hampshire

We provide over 6,000 transports annually with a fleet of more than 19 vehicles, including Advanced Life Support (ALS), Basic Life Support (BLS), Specialty Care Transport (SCT), and Bariatric wheelchair transport. Along with non-emergency stretcher vans and wheelchair vans.

Lifestar EMS, LLC. is a ground Inter-facility Advanced Life Support Ambulance service. Serving hospitals and care facilities throughout New Hampshire. Our service holds paramedic level ambulance licenses in New Hampshire. We transport patients from Emergency Rooms, ICU’s, and Med./Surg. floors to higher level of care facilities and/or specialty care facilities.

Our assisted transportation services for wheelchair users include hand-to-hand transport to and from anywhere in New Hampshire. That includes everything from personal errands to doctors’ appointments, hospital discharges, and more. As always, if you need something, just ask! If you have unique transportation needs that we are able to meet, we will do everything in our ability to satisfy.

Our skilled team of drivers and patient care technicians are on hand 24 hours per day for all of your patient transport needs. We offer assisted transportation services to both ambulatory and wheelchair-bound individuals for a variety of needs! Common requests include:

  • Transportation to and from medical appointments
  • Assisted transportation following hospital discharge
  • Transportation services for adult family homes and senior citizen centers
  • Airport for elderly and disabled citizens
  • Assisted transportation for shopping, dining, and personal errands
  • Medical transportation support for special events
  • Transport home from outpatient surgery
  • Travel to and from family gatherings