Services We Offer

Lifestar EMS, Ambulance Service is the finest provider of private, professional ambulance service in the state of New Hampshire. We provide the highest quality of care for emergency and non-emergency ambulance services 24-7, ranging from basic life support to critical care, from neonatal to geriatric.

Interfacility/PIFT Transport

Wheelchair Van Transport

Medical Appointment Transport

New Hampshire EMS Services

Ambulatory and non-ambulatory services are available:

  • Ambulatory Care
  • Interfacility Medical Transportation
  • Dialysis Transportation
  • Hospital Transportation
  • Transportation for the Disabled
  • MSU Game Day Shuttle Service
  • Residential Home Visits
  • Wheelchair Van Transport
  • Medical Appointment Transport

As of August 1, 2014, the NH Medicaid system has 2 remaining managed Medicaid programs. They are NH Healthy Families and Wellsense.

If you are apart of one of these programs you must contact them to arrange transport.

NH Healthy Families- 866.769.3085

Wellsense- 855.739.4775

Feel free to contact us to check the availability of our services offered in or near your location.


All rates shown are base rate and loaded miles for a 1 way trip, if transport is round trip multiply X 2.


Medical Transport (Ambulatory)                                     Base $20.00                  Miles $2.00

Wheelchair Transport                                                         Base $40.00                  Miles $4.50

Ambulette (Stretcher, NO medical attendants)          Base $200.00                Miles $5.00

Ambulance Rates

BLS Non-Emergency – $1600.00

BLS Emergency – $1800.00

ALS 1 Non-Emergency – $1900.00

ALS 1 Emergency – $2500.00

ALS 2 – $3300.00

Specialty Care Transport – Base $3700.00  Plus Mileage: $50/mile

Interfacility/PIFT Transport

While admitted to a care facility, sometimes patients must be transferred to another facility to receive a higher or different level of care. As the preferred ambulance provider for many hospitals and medical complexes, Lifestar EMS, Ambulance Service can ensure the continuation of required or existing care during transport to the receiving facility.

Wheelchair Van Transport

Reoccurring office visits means finding safe and reliable transportation for your loved ones. Lifestar gets our patients to their appointments on time in easy to use wheelchair vans.

Our fleet of wheelchair accessible vehicles is unmatched in New Hampshire. See for yourself how easy we make it to get to appointments on time. Our Wheelchair vehicles are usually converted passenger vehicles so you will not feel like you are in an ambulance but rather simply on your way to your doctor’s visit. Our wheelchair vans are:

  • Air conditionied
  • Offer a comfortable environment
  • Have easy egress and ingress
  • Are all included on your trip

Medical Appointment Transport

It can be very difficult to get to your doctor’s appointments comfortably when you are handicapped or disabled, but we make things as easy as they could possibly be for our clients. Regardless of the nature of your disability, we have a vehicle that will ideally suit your needs.

Our New Hampshire wheelchair transport vans are fully customized to provide effective wheelchair transportation, and we also have stretcher-gurney equipped vehicles.

We can provide transportation to clinics, individual doctor’s offices, and rehabilitation facilities, so we provide comprehensive transportation for handicapped and disabled people in this area.